Markus Nordin

Freestyle Shows

FSX, Freestyle Sno Cross, is the newest and hottest genre in extreme sports today. Everyone has seen a backflip performed on a dirtbike. Imagine having a snowmobile 10 meters up in the air and up-side-down. Regardless of what type of event we’re at, the show is always a big hit. A show is intense, filled with adrenaline and always gets a big crowd. With our mobile ramp-to-ramp setup we offer you a simple and easy way to getting our shows to your event. We have performed at exhibitions, festivals, rockconcerts etc. The only thing you need to provide is a 130x10 meter open, flat surface, we take care of the rest! We also offer a number of riders from both FSX and FMX.

  • Basic Show
    Basic Show

    Our basic show.
    You get one or two riders
    performing two 15 minutes
    backflip-shows during one day.

  • Ramp To Ramp

    This is the most simple
    and easy solution for you
    as an event manager.
    We bring our mobile setup
    to your event.

  • Custom Show
    Custom Show

    You want more riders?
    Maybe combine FSX and FMX?
    Or maybe more shows
    during the day?
    We can create a custom show
    to suit your event!